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Hime Gal♥Paradise 01 [DVD]

Hime Gal Paradise 01

We’re releasing this series on CMSSide instead of the main CMS site because of a couple of reasons, the main one being: gal slang.  This is both difficult to translate (our translator has so far failed to go to japan and cross-dress to become a gal to learn it properly) and to edit.  (What is the English equivalent to gal slang?  There really isn’t one.)   Another reason, which actually relates to the first one, is that releases of this series will be slower than normal, even by our admittedly normal (and slow) standards.  So don’t expect episode 2 next week. 😉  We do have all nine episodes of the series and will release them all, just not with any set schedule.

We have a few notes for this episode as well, after the jump:

If you’re not familiar with hime gals, a short explanation is that hime gals are a gal subculture that likes to dress, and act, like princesses.  Clothing styles are mostly inspired by Rococo France and European royalty, so lots of frills and lace, parasols, as well as long hair, often with big curls.  (Basically the way Tochoitome dresses in the OVA.)  For a more detailed explanation, there’s a great FAQ by Violet LeBeaux for your reading pleasure.  I know I learned a lot from it.  If you’re interested in the fashion behind hime gals, her site in general is a great resource with everything from hair and nail tips to how to make your own dresses.  So check it out!  (Why do we use “gal” where she uses “gyaru”?  Both are correct, but MyAnimeList, AniDB and AnimeNewsNetwork all list this series as Hime Gal Paradise.  I also personally prefer it to be just “gal” because it reads easier in English.)

Also, we made an editing decision in the early section of the OVA before and right after Tochiotome appears in the classroom.  Full details in the spoiler:


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  1. avatar

    When are the rest of the episodes is coming?
    I’ve been waiting for a long time now

    1. avatar

      They’ll be out when they’re done. As the post you commented on says “Another reason, which actually relates to the first one, is that releases of this series will be slower than normal, even by our admittedly normal (and slow) standards.” We have all the episodes in video form, but not translated and subbed.

      1. avatar

        Aww 🙁
        will you release one episode at a time or will it be more per post?
        I’m looking forward to it, even my otaku friends, so please hurry up
        thank you for your effort guys.

        1. avatar

          It’ll be released as it’s done, however that works out. One episode per post is most likely.

  2. avatar

    So are you guys going to upload the other videos

  3. avatar

    IS this dropped?
    2 years passed btw…

    1. avatar

      It’s not dropped, but was always going to go very slow. One of the biggest problems is translation. All the Gal slang makes it insanely difficult for our translator. So he’s not super keen on working on it quickly.

  4. avatar

    2017 and I’m still waiting

    I hope it is not dropped.

    Also, I can’t find the RAW unsubed version for episode 2 to 9.

    1. avatar

      Officially, it’s not dropped. I really want to finish it, as I enjoy the series personally. But even though my health problems are the main reason Wakaba Girl is behind, Hime Gal is out of my control at the moment. Our translator really hates translating this, due to all the Gal slang. At this point I’m really not sure when, or even if, I can get him to finish up 2 – 9. If I can get a translator willing to work on this project, I’ll get it done somehow. If you know of anyone, ask them to contact me. If they reply to this post I can e-mail them directly.

      Also, sorry on the delay replying. I’m having to take my mother to a huge amount of doctor’s appointments lately, and I just haven’t had time to deal with the site for a few weeks.

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